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  1. DayZ Standalone External Features: THIS HACK CURRENTLY ONLY SUPPORTS THE LATEST VERSION OF WINDOWS 10 (1903 or 1809) AND INTEL CPUS WITH VIRTUALIZATION ENABLED!!! ESP Players Zombies Animals Vehicles Locations (towns, military bases, etc) Helicrashes Murder mode Master toggle Custom hold keybind Draw FOV Custom FOV Misc Speedhack TP to player (client side) Custom hold key Offset x,y,z position Crosshair
  2. moved to discord
  3. Custom ESP colours are getting added soon and I might add custom fonts too. We have a separate esp colour for friends and you can ignore them on aimbot.
  4. Rust External Features: THIS HACK CURRENTLY ONLY SUPPORTS THE LATEST VERSION OF WINDOWS 10 (1903 or 1809) AND INTEL CPUS WITH VIRTUALIZATION ENABLED!!! Visuals Players Sleepers Scientists Snaplines Aimbot Custom FOV - Aimbot won't aim at players unless they are in the FOV circle. Custom distance - Aimbot won't aim at players if they are past the distance set. Custom smoothing - Smooths the aimbot for a more legit gameplay experience. Custom hotkey - Aimbot wont aim unless the key set is being pressed. Draw FOV - Draws the FOV circle. RCS (Recoil Control System) - Controls your recoil but not fully for legit play. Bullet drop prediction - Compensates for the bullet drop when aimbotting. Velocity prediction - Compensates for the players velocity when aimbotting. Item/Weapon Mods No Recoil - Fully removes any weapon recoil penalties. No Spread - Fully removes any spread or aimcone RNG from the weapon. No Sway - Fully removes sway caused from fatigue in game. Automatic - Makes any semi-automatic weapon fully automatic. Increase Accuracy - Using magic we increase the chance of the projectile/bullet hitting the player. Misc Admin Mode - Gives you limited admin privileges. (Debugcamera) Nightvision - Makes the night light very bright. Time hack - Sets the time of day to whatever is set on the menu. Gravity - Sets your players gravity. No Fall Damage - Prevents you from falling too fast so you don't take fall damage. Sticky Hack - Allows you to stick to walls and jump up them. Double Jump - Allows you to jump as many times in the air as you want. Debugcam Flyhack - Allows you to fly in while using debug camera.
  5. Applying for access to Kangaroo Ware In order to be verified, we request that you provide us with a number of documents to allow us to verify your identity. This is to ensure the security of our products and to prevent fraud (such as stolen credit cards or PayPal chargebacks). Please note the following bullet points before continuing: You must have a clear and easy to read/view application. We require at least two documents that show your name and/or face with your face and the website both in the picture (such as a school id and a government issued id). You MUST blur out any sensitive information such as passport numbers, addresses and social security numbers. Failing to do so will result in your application being denied & deleted, although you may still submit a new application without this information. If you are a trusted member on any other websites feel free to let us know, we consider this when accepting applications from uninvited members. We are not responsible for any of you gaming accounts and any punishments that are put in place are you responsibility. Failing to comply with the above information will result in instant rejection. You must create your application HERE under the verification application category. Do NOT submit your application on the forums as they are public and everybody will be able to see it.